Family Business

Worcester Classic Spares Ltd is a family run business, founded in 1985 by Michael and Sheena Whitworth.  Over 18 years, they built the business up from a single box of car spares to one of the few companies to specialise in supplying parts for the Jaguars MK.IV, MK.V, MK.VII, MK.VIII and MK.IX models as well as stocking some parts for the SS and SS100 models (while bringing up a young family at the same time).  Always a family affair, the accounts were managed by Sheena’s mother for many years, while her father and the children helped with bagging and tagging many items of stock in the weeks running up to events.  

Initially dealing only in second hand stock, they extended the business to sell remanufactured parts and offer a reconditioning service of certain components using reputable companies.

When Michael and Sheena decided to retire in 2003, their 21 year old son, Simon, took over the business.  With support from his parents, a huge commitment to the business and a near photographic memory, Simon made Worcester Classic Spares the success that it is today.  He made it a limited company and introduced ‘new’ technology, such as a computer, email and Paypal payments, to the business!  He also bought and sold many classic Jaguar cars and extended the company’s reach worldwide.

Worcester Classic Spares became an important part of Simons life and he owned and drove his own Mk IX Jaguar.  This car was used to take his niece and her friends to their proms and was a feature at Simon’s own wedding.  As the business expanded he employed his close friend, Beth, to help in the office and deal with the increasing use of technology!  A quick learner, Beth, soon learnt about Jaguars from Simon and managed the business when he became ill and for many months afterwards.

Sadly, Simon was diagnosed with cancer and he died in December 2018.  Keen to keep Worcester Classic Spares running and in the family, Simon left the ownership of the business to his sister, Anna, who currently runs the business with her father Michael providing his expertise.

The business moved to a new premises in April 2019 and is currently open 1pm to 4.30pm every weekday.  The company now has its own Ebay shop, and a presence on social media – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.  Family friend Marcel provides regular IT support!   

Worcester Classic Spares continues to sell a wide range of parts for Jaguars MK.IV, MK.V, MK.VII, MK.VIII and MK.IX models on a mail order basis (although visits are welcomed by appointment) and offer worldwide delivery.  Parts lists can be downloaded from the website and orders made by phone or email.

Michael and Sheena on the WCS stall.
Michael, Sheena & Simon at a classic car event.
Simon and his neice on her Prom day, with his Jaguar Mk IX.