This was the first of the Jaguar models aimed at the luxury market. Before this, all models up to and including the MK.V were classified as sporting/touring cars.

The MK.VII first appeared at the Earls Court Motor Show in October 1950 and was voted “Car Of The Year”. That same year it also appeared at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in Park Avenue New York where over 500 orders were taken in the first three days. It remained in production until September 1954. It was the first of the big saloons and would carry up to six passengers. It had a leather and walnut veneer interior, a large boot and was fitted with a 3.4L XK engine giving an acceleration time of 0-60mph in 13 seconds with a top speed of 103mph.

Two MK.VIIs were driven into 4th and 6th positions in the 1952 Monte Carlo Rally and the cars took first three places in the 1954 Silverstone Production Car Race. In 1953 the Borg Warner automatic transmission first became available and a year later there was the option of overdrive manual gearboxes.

In October 1954 the MK.VIIM was introduced and remained in production until July 1956. This was an updated version of the MK.VII, with several visual differences. These included “J” lights instead of PF770 tripod headlights, horn grilles in the front wings in place of the fog lights which were now relocated on the front valance, flashing indicators and larger rear lights with chrome plinths. The bumpers were a different design with the rear bumper giving more protection to the body by being wrapped around the bottom of the rear wings. It is a strange fact that the only item of official Jaguar literature which mentions the MK.VIIM is the Driver’s Handbook. Although the second version of the Spare Parts Catalogue does include all relevant information for the MK.VIIM, the term “VIIM” is never used and owners have to refer to chassis numbers to confirm which part is appropriate for their cars.

During the six years of their production, over 30,000 MK.VII/VIIM cars were produced.

A vast range of parts for these models is available including unused original ashtrays, repair panels, runner items, brake and suspension parts etc.

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